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Girls in Orbit, Volume 1, Number 1
Health Knowledge, Inc.
New York, New York

digital replica

Like other leg fetish magazines of the 1960s, the covers and centerfold of Girls in Orbit have no connection to the content. The color separation films were re-used to save money on photo processing.

While the meaning of the title is vague — probably suggested by Cold War Space Race technology — the focus of the magazine is clear: lovely legs, sheer stockings, garter belts and heels. If the existing title were replaced with the words Stocking Parade, Leg Show or High Heels, the content would satisfy expectations. Nine pictorials show professional posers exposing feminine charms.

Uncovering a Cover Girl

Maybe the best known set in the lot is that of Sonia Cardell. In shiny pumps with five-inch heels and seamless black nylons, this shapely Brit smirks her way through a steamy matinee. One of the best fetish photo sets of the 1960s, re-printed in many other magazines.

French Heels

Dominique shows off pin-up quality curves and handsome legs, in and out of stockings. She poses beside a small car and a rustic building that could be a barn.

Forward March

In lacy black panties, garter belt and patterned stockings, Wendy stretches out on a sofa.


In black gloves, lace garter belt and RHT stockings, Cherry Winters poses in sparkly mules. In every picture, her gaze confronts the camera lens.

Cobblers' Choice

Posing her pretty legs in patterned hosiery and patent pumps with four-inch heels, Gloria Lomax seems well-aware of her assets. The sultry Brit poses in bed and beside windows.

'Mod' Julie and Her High Heel Caper

From London, Julie Collins works as a stewardess in high heels. Juicy Julie seems at ease in snug RHT nylons and pumps.

Petite Feet from Paree

In pale hose and a lacy garter belt, Yvonne Manton poses in front of a flowery curtain.

X Marks the Spot

Susan seems a bit amused as the object of the photographer's attention. In garter belt, panties, and sheer hosiery, she rolls around two sofas.

Up by Her Bootstraps

Throughout her long modeling career, Teri Martine understood the value of stockings and high heels. On four pages, the flirty blond poses in black stockings and shiny pumps.

The digital replica presents all content of the 72-page magazine, including ads and a short story introduced by a Gene Bilbrew illustration. Some borders, margins, floors and walls were cropped out. A few page layouts were revised. Page sequence was revised to obtain continuity of the short story.

Brightness, contrast, and levels were adjusted. Most photographs transposed to ebook format with clarity, improving the visual quality of the original.

All new scans.

One ebook, delivered by download from your 30th Street Graphics account.

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