#228 - Bettie Page at Home No 5 Burmel Publishing

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Presenting Bettie Page at Home, Number 5
Burmel Publishing Company
New York, New York
ca. 1958

Whether she’s sleeping in a sheet, pouring a cocktail, adjusting her nylons, or tuning the TV set, Miss Bettie is all smiles inPresenting Bettie Page at Home, Number 5.

The legendary pinup model shows off her pretty legs in fishnets, long sheer stockings held in place by garters, and shiny black pumps with six-inch heels. She’s also seen in a black dress, sandals, mules and lingerie.

Brightness and contrast were adjusted. Photos were cropped and ebook pages sized to show pictures of the popular poser fill screens from top to bottom.

All original scans. 30+ pages.

One ebook, delivered by download from your 30th Street Graphics account.

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