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Klaw Photos, Volume One
an original anthology
derived from multiple sources
1948 – 1957

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Mr. Klaw's first business involved the sale of print photographs (8 x 10 glossies) originally intended to advertise feature films. Hollywood studios would send a set of 12 pictures as part of press kits to movie theaters that exhibited and to publications that reviewed films. He acquired them from these sources after they used them for their intended purpose

At his Manhattan store, pictures were organized by movie titles and actor names. Legend says that he received continuous requests for movie stills that showed Hollywood actresses tied up and damsel in distress scenes. As each set of 12 contained no more than one or two of these, he never had enough to satisfy demand. The popularity of this scenario suggested the idea that he make his own photos and illustrations of damsels in distress and sell them by mail. Persecution by local law enforcement and postal officials hastened his hegira to New Jersey, where he began publishing his Nutrix booklets on several themes, including bondage.

The current collection includes photo images orchestrated by Mr. Klaw and his sister, Pauline. Most settings are the rooms of old houses. Models usually wear full-fashioned nylons, bras, big panties and pumps, some with high heels. Some sequences show one model tying another. Most bondage schemes depend on ropes connected to furniture or wood frames.

The first 140 pictures show Lois Meriden, Nancy Reed, Alice Thomas, Maggie Heath, Lorraine Durane, Shirley Maitland and others. About 10 pictures present Bettie Page in restraints. Miss Bettie then appears in a well-known sequence in which she disciplines a petite playmate in corset, stockings and high-heeled pumps.

Tonality of photographs was adjusted, shadows reduced and many specks retouched. Editing clarifies details in most images.

All professional scans. About 200 pages.

This unique collection of mid-century damsel-in-distress photographs exposes styles in hair, furniture, footwear and lingerie. Ebook presentation adds clarity to antique bondage imagery.

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