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Bound, Number 6
Satellite Publishing Co.
Jersey City, New Jersey
c. 1964

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Dancers in Bondage
no date, place or publisher shown
probably California
ca. 1963

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Bound, Number 6
The 80-page booklet has four fine components. It begins with the concluding episode of Eneg's The Captive comic serial. Two short stories with a total of seven Gene Bilbrew illustrations fill most of the magazine. An episode of Vixen's Vendetta by Stan (Eric Stanton) occupies the last four pages.

Captive of glamorous Empress Eugenie, who he adores, Bill is the first-person narrator of Man Servant, Part 2. He provides copious details about shoes and boots, belts, skirts and gloves. The literate prose does a competent job of describing constrained bodies, bondage mechanisms, punishments and the painful lifestyle of those brought under the Empress' rule at her opulent domain.

In one scene, she hangs Bill in an uncomfortable position in a garden gateway, forcing him to strain his athletic body to resist damage to himself. The stress results in bulging muscles. Exploiting his pain, Eugenia enhances the intensity of her pleasure by touching his struggling limbs. Although the detail fills only half a page, I haven't read about another domina who indulges herself this way.

The back cover says —
With Maryanne, the defeated rebel in the bizarre house of the strange, Bill witnesses and experiences every imaginable form of tight lacing, exotic garments, high-heeled shoes, and other bondage exoticisms. Bill's delight at being chosen “honored” slave is a scintillatingly marvelous existence . . . .

Twins in Bondage tells of identical sisters whose disparate dispositions lead to strict sorority bondage and an unexpected reversal. Excellent descriptions of fetish attire, coed figures and restraint contraptions.

The back cover says —
Jane, as the more aggressive of the two, tries to overindulge in her apparent control of June through domination; sweet, compassionate June . . . falls into the controlling clutches of Jane. . . . When June finally manages to catch the moment of relaxation in Jane, she gains the lead in the vicious attacks . . . . A truly bizarre free-for-all of fighting girls plus a thrilling surprise ending that will enthrall you clear to eternity.

Produced by a competent editor, the two stories in Bound, Number 6, tell of male and female bondage with vivid fetish details. Articulate writing sets scenes, admires figures and relates scenarios with exotic beauties in charge. Illustrations by Mr. Bilbrew are among the best he did — exceptional renderings of legs and high heels — and relate to the text that surrounds them.

Ebook hybrid pages hold text at their original size. Illuminating sketches are presented complete, first. As possible, enlargements of characters, faces or legs follow, filling the wide pages.

All original scans.

In the original, Mr. Bilbrew's The Captive episode and Mr. Stanton's Vixen's Vendetta episode fill four pages each. In the hybrid, these eight pages of comic panels appear as printed in the original. To expose the precious fetish glamour and feminine shapes delineated in the work of these two masters, a separate optimized version presents each panel, and some enlarged details, on 35 ebook pages. This presentation technique makes shapes and costumes easy to see.

This product presents obscure 1960s erotic ephemera in digital form. These booklets have not been anthologized or reprinted anywhere since their original publication. No book or website provides access to the excellent art of Messrs. Stanton and Bilbrew contained in Bound, Number 6. Through these digital iterations we visit the past and find unexpected treasure we can experience as new.

Dancers in Bondage
REX explored femdom and wrestling themes, working with several publishers. In this comic of more than 55 single-panel pages, he inks young, hard bodies in bondage. Ropes and chains bend and twist his lovely captives into strained contortions. Unusual contraptions enforce asymmetrical limb stretching.

A topless dancer, Sandra is kidnapped and taken to a hideout. Still in go-go boots, she's gagged and tied, then chained to the wall of a cell. The boss orders all prisoners to the training room, forcing them into restraints and suspense to prepare them for slave-buyers. Guards affix metal bars, cuffs and chains, and use odd machines to develop dance technique.

Each ebook page contains one comic panel. To show pictures as large as possible, some narrative captions and dialog balloons were re-positioned. Brightness and contrast were adjusted.

All original scans.

Although REX paid little attention to rendering heels here, his half-dressed women are pretty all over. Costumes show off attractive figures in an array of alluring poses.

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