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Female Mimics, No. 12
Health Knowledge, Inc.
New York, New York

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In Female Mimics, we meet men who entertain professionally, singing, dancing and telling jokes on the stages of cabarets. The twelfth issue of this classic magazine focuses on successful performers and talented transvestites.

Drag Ball
A glittery occasion in November 1968 brought hundreds of transvestites to New York's Palm Gardens for festivity and contest. Ten page collect snaps shots of pretty party-goers in frills, feathers and gowns.

We meet Juanita applying makeup and choosing a wig. She appears in garter belt and stockings before getting into several fringed stage costumes.

“Girls Who Are and Can't”
In his thoughtful essay, Gil Truman distinguishes between three kinds of cross-dressers: on stage female impersonators, at-home transvestites, and those who appear en femme in public. Pudgy Roberts is quoted — “I think there's a definite difference between professional mimics, lads who enjoy silk and lace as a harmless hobby and frenetic fairies. It's plain stupid to assume that the three types have much in common.” Illustrated with photographs.

Chrysis & Kim
In their NYC apartment, roommates dress up in black leather, nylons and high heels. Then they poses in more conventional ladies' wear and lacy undies.

Chris Shaw
Blurbs tell Mr. Shaw's rags to riches story from his modest London origins to international stardom. Photographs show him in several elaborate stage costumes.

Vamp Camp
A madcap mimic, Harry pursues an off-beat on-stage persona. “He knows he can be a sexy siren so he plays up his comic feature.” Pictured in sequined costumes and heels.

“At Home with a Female Mimic”
Interviews quote female mimics, who comment on their training, sexuality and show business ambitions.

Other pictorials present Marlo, Gina, and Joi Fulnesse. These posers are seen in wigs, dresses, gowns and sexy undies.

The digital replica contains all the content of the 72-page magazine, including letters from readers (with snapshots) and advertising, in the original page sequence.

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The digital replica provides the best mechanism for enjoying this volume of frilly 20th century impersonator nostalgia, featuring faces and figures of comely misters.

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