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Sexual Nature of Erotic Symbolism
by Edward Podolsky, M.D. and Carlson Wade
Epic Publishing Co. [L. Burtman]

digital replica

Intimate Studies of the Fabulous BETTY PAGE
Kamera Publications Ltd.
London, UK
c. 1962

digital replica

FETICHISM — Sexual Nature of Erotic Symbolism
In the 1960's, this book was advertised in the back of High Heels and other Burtman magazines. The original ad (in the picture on the right) shows the price as $3.00.

Written by Carlson Wade, a frequent contributor to Exotique magazine, the essays present a balanced view of the subject, with short chapters on various fetish interests. Descriptions and explanations are illustrated by cases histories. Most of the book is text, with about 11 pages of photos.


What is Sexual Fetichism?
The Methods and Techniques of Fetichism
Footwear and Foot Fetich
Female Undergarments as a Fetich
Corsets and Tight-Lacing
Causes and Cures of Fetichism


My Booted Beauty
Experiences as a Foot Fetichist
Normal vs. Abnormal


The ebook consists of 62 digest-sized pages. I adjusted the tonality of the photos and made them larger. Except for omitted blank pages, everything that was in the original volume is included in the ebook.

Intimate Studies of the Fabulous BETTY PAGE
The problem with books about fetishism is that they don't contain enough pictures. To supplement the FETICHISM volume content, we're adding a small Betty Page compilation.

She seems pleased to accessorize with sheer hose and fishnets, boots and pumps, corsets, gloves and lingerie. A few pictures show her in dresses. The photos present Miss Bettie from winning smile to adorable ankles and her many assets between.

Printed in London in the early 1960's, this small, 36-page booklet collects Bettie Page photos from Klaw, Burtman and other sources.

The original publication is shows good photography. Most pictures were enlarged slightly. Brightness and contrast were adjusted.

All new scans.

Two ebooks, delivered by download from your 30th Street Graphics account.

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