Comments from Customers

"Bought as a young man" I hear u say somewhere? I know the feeling. Some of these I saw soon after puberty. Has been a life long delight! Even was source of great fantasies with girl friends. Thanks for animating your patrons' passion. U really provide a much appreciated service, right up there with McDonald's & Taco Bell, & more.

I'm ordering several "requested by 1 of our customers" today. I can understand why! They're extra hot. Please make your next addition, "House on Bondage Lane" by Elwood Stokes BB-43, requested by me!! Thank you for great concept, service, & product.

— 060617, US

. . . and congratulations on nine years of amazing fetish.

— 052617, Canada

Can I just say what a good thing your site
is because I can purchase books and I can
keep them all together in private
without having paper copies.

— 052517, UK

I have just found your website and it is great.
I love all the old rubber magazines and certainly
wish that I had held onto the original hard copies,
but your service provides a great way to reclaim
my hedonistic youth. It would be great if you could
find more issues of both magazines [Rubber Life,
Rubber Quarterly
] to include in your digital archive.

I have to say, nicely done on the entire setup.
Absolutely brilliant. Keep up the great work.

— 042217, US

Hi Howard. I want to thank you again for this site. I love every thing about it. Being a lifetime transvestite, I prefer the old word to the now common & accepted "cross dresser." As you can see in my profile, I cannot get enough of the Mutrix books with the Mother both seducing and feminizing her son, especially when she is burning with lust for him and they have forbidden sex. This is all so close to my own experience with my mother and my sister, it is uncanny. I have purchased every single one on the site I could find.

I am sincere about all this. You are my only source for such things. I have scoured the internet. I have purchase from you every Drag Queen type magazine or Teased and Transformed, that I could find, because I am really drawn to what is really a
transvestite on no hormones . . . I have looked at all the ones from you endlessly. Then there are the newstand
mags like NIGHT AND DAY, GALA, Rogue (young stuff)--the Challenge
Publications...CLIMAX, CAVALCADE,CANDID those from 1972 through 1974-75 have the most perfect tan-lines and perfect bushy love mounds of any years. Joyce Gibson showed around then.

As you can see I really could go on and on. But at this point in my life, the Mutrix with those insane covers and titles, with young [man] in panties and his mother with overflowing pendulous bare tits loving him and feminizing him . . . Nan Gibert's stuff I got from you being second to none. Gene Bilbrew/Eneg illustrating. I long for more.

As it is I come to your site constantly now combing through the ENTIRE CATALOGUE looking for some thing I might have missed.

I love the way your write. The descriptions of each ebook are sumptuously delicious and so well thought out. I applaud you for you labor of love on this site.

So here's the thing obvious by now I think — I am trying to recreate and gather all those [pictures of] amazing girls that made my teenage years overflow with intensely gratifying lust. And I am running out of time to be able to do this and really enjoy it before I am so old I lose my insatiable lust for all these thing listed in this email.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this. I have been wanting to write this to you for a very long time.

Only excitement and expectation to enjoy and savor the time I now
have to be alone with so much of what I cherish.

Best regards and abounding gratitude,

— 041717, US

Many thanks.

I can’t really see how you can improve your
already perfect site!

Keep going. . .

— 041517, Thailand

I just downloaded #401405 - Family Affair Books 2 and 3 Eric Stanton,
which [includes] "The Adventures of Gwendoline" Parts 1 and 2.

Are there more parts? Stanton's art and the ebook presentation are
excellent, in particular the second part [of Gwendoline]
with the text, which is very competently written.

It is funny: For me, drawings created by good artists contain more
dynamics and reality than still photographs which often look rather
static. This effect is even more prominent in your optimized
ebooks because the pages are not as crowded as in the original and
show much finer details.

Thank you and best regards,

— 031717, Germany

I appreciate your offerings, particularly
the Jim art (getting the full version of
Concentration Camp Discipline,
in both unedited and edited versions,
was a want of mine for several decades!).

I believe I've purchased all, or nearly all,
you have of [Jim] on your site. If there's
any more - either censored or uncensored -
I'm likely to be interested.

Thanks . . .

— 020917, US

Amazing stuff that makes me feel alive.

— 013017, US

I am extremely careful with each precious item I download from here.
And I never lose them.

But after all this time (been with you under various login
names since you started), I accidentally deleted my last order . . . .

Is there any way you can unlock just that order so I can get them back?
Hiding these all these years from my wife has not been easy.
Her sudden appearance caused me to delete my delicious fresh
pile of fetish lust, thinking I had it backed up already.

Can you help me? I love this site so much. I can't tell you how
much I appreciate what you do for me and all the intense pleasure
you bring that I could never get anywhere else!

— 012417, Earth

Thanks so much for getting me Horror Pillory! This is no less
than a dream come true for me to find this again after all
these years. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

I remember buying this work when I was 18 years old
[now I'm over 60] and it was my first Eric Stanton, leading
to a long-standing appreciation for his work.

I'm truly blown away by your great company and amazing service.
All the best to you and thanks again!

— 122516, US

I value your products and appreciate your quality.

— 120116, UK

I think you did an excellent job on those Stantons
[Stantoons 79, Husband Trainers,]
gives them
a fresh "new" look.

Your library/collection is really growing. Good !!!

— 080516, US

Really amazing new additions, lately, Howard. And if I may say,
in addition to making so much rare content available
(and doing it with such precision and artistry), the commentary
accompanying the listings is adding up to a superb archival index!

— 080516, US

Thank you for your quick response. . . . I always look forward
to the older publications that you put out, and you have a very
nice and inexpensive way of putting your products out. You have
the best selection and quick responses . . . .

Thank you so much for [your] products!

— 071516, US

I'm very glad I found this store. Really enjoyed the
publications I've got here.

— 070216, Peru

And to you thanks for making the classic (at least some
of them) available at sane prices. I have ordered most
everything you have offered and I have always been satisfied.

Cheers and brassieres,

— 052316, US

Your work is unique and excellent; and you are doing wonders in preserving this irreplaceable fetish erotica, in many cases so beautiful and so redolent of its period. Can I add my voice to those of the many who are sincerely grateful to you for this!

— 022716, UK

Hello from Italy!
You did a great job [on Female Impersonator 8].
Please - more shemale/crossdresser magazines.

— 121015, Italy

I always look forward to seeing what
new stuff you come up with.

— 101015, US

Many thanks for your quick and efficient help -
I will look out for these [Elmer Batters] titles.
Any magazines with further longer length articles
by Batters would be most welcome.

And allow me to express my appreciation
for the bibliographical and analytical expertise
of your excellent descriptions and commentaries.

— 100615, UK

The UW [Unique World] and Fetiché you just released are very good ebooks. Thank you for these rare Eros Goldstripe gems. Please try and find others! . . . thank you for the good job you have done.

We customers are particularly happy because you are still at work and finding rare books we couldn't find elsewhere. We all hope that you will retire very late, because the stuff you find sometimes is fantastic!

I also appreciate Bill Ward and Eric Stanton's drawings I came across when I was a teenager. My father tried to hide those in his bookcase, but I easily found them and had my first emotions while reading them.

I purchased my first Eros Goldstripe magazines in the late 80's as they still were available in erotic libraries, then found some xeroxed issues in a big bookstore which has been bought by Chinese shopkeepers who sell shoes! Times have changed! Fortunately e-shops like revive those amazing magazines.

Best regards from dull, cloudy and cold Paris.

— 090715, France

I am much interested in fetish, bondage and bdsm artwork. About one year
after I had access to the WWW (around 1997) I found the first images
with this topic on private home pages. Since then I have been collecting
many of the great classic artists, sometimes in print media but mostly
in digital form since it is hard to get the original material. Reprints
are almost non-existent. Commercial digital offerings often contain no
original material but only material that is available also for free. The
free offerings come in a wide variety of quality, from poor to
excellent. Post-processing is almost never done.

Your catalogue is different. The two collections that I bought
from you are exactly what I am looking for: Une Bizarrerie
and Les Châteaux de Carlo.

The quality of the scans and the presentation in the ebooks is perfect,
the images are rare and cannot be found elsewhere on the internet (with
a few exceptions that are mostly of poor quality). Most artists are
highly talented, and even the lesser talented artists present scenes
with fresh and original ideas.

I like the idea that the material is presented in two forms:
One as close as possible to the original and one that shows
special points of interest [optimized ].
This is a genuine additional value that goes beyond the printed medium.

I have to go through your catalogue and see what other treasures
can be found there.

Please keep me informed of new material.

— 062715, Germany

Thanks for the updates. You're doing a great job! Your web site is so well organized!

[re: Women in Fights]
Drawings by these artists (Glen/Eneg) are my favorite. I love the supercharged action that these drawings somehow suggest.

However, I'm turned off when I see women at the receiving end :)) so F/f and F/m work collected in one issue doesn't work well for me.

So here's my request: Could you compile a collection of mixed fighting drawings, by Glen/Eneg and others from that era, in which only males take the punishment?

— 040815, US

You have a great site with lots of content. I tried it out and everything went well.

— 032115, Canada


Comments below are from the old website


Took me a couple of sessions to read it but I just completed reading
the Bizarre Honeymoon. I loved it. Especially the introduction; masterly

Wonder what the second day of the honeymoon turned
out(LOL). Think you told me but I found it a little hard to read it but
if you stared at it long enough one could figure it out.

The drawback
was there was not enough pics.Would have loved to seen him with the
boot in his mouth at the end.

Great job.

—010408, US

I ordered Female Mimics #2 yesterday and received the download in a very short time. I'm more than delighted with speed of delivery as well as your very reasonable pricing. The resolution of the photos is superb, sharper and clearer than the original magazine.
I would hope that you offer more of the original Female Mimics series in the near future.

—053008, US

By the way, your ebook version of "The Return of Gwendoline" is actually superior to the original published by Belier Press.
It's really beautiful! I find myself looking your version more than the original, which I ended up purchasing.

—052408, US

I recently purchased "SPIDER" [The Spider's Sex Slaves] with which I'm very happy. I'd love it if you were able to offer more of these little gems!!!

—062108, US

downloading and ebook : perfect!
I am looking forward to more Female Mimics issues.

—070608, Germany

outstanding collection of books .. waited half a century to see them again!

—071208, UK

What a lovely triple header this [#799] has been. While I've seen snatches of these over the years, the originals have always been out of my budget. Thanks again for reclaiming our fetish erotica history and making it available to the general public and for doing it with such quality and style.

—071208, US

When I was roughly 18 years old, I bought the paper back Bizarre Fotos books from a smoke shop. That was 30 years ago, since then the books got lost or whatever and I thought they would never be reprinted again until I found these . . . Brings back memories!

—071308, US

I just purchased your new ebook FM [Female Mimics] 6 1965. It was excellent. One of the best TV magazine issues ever. The reproduction was also topnotch.

—072508, US

The Return Of Justine is a most interesting e-book . . . the pictures are worth every penny . . . Thanks again for a wonderful work of preserving our fetish heritage and making it available to the general public.

—082208, US

Your site is just fantastic - I tried to find some comics for many years -
now I got them - I'm so happy.

—082608, Germany

Justine . . . is really delicious - what I like to see. As always bang up job - turned out nice. Love the closeups . . . Great stuff.

—082808, Canada

Honest, fast service, very good price,
very good stuff, more things each week,
great idea.

—082908, US

I received the disc safely today. That is fast service . . . I like the sections [optimized ebooks] of pictures only, great.

—082908, UK

Thank you for sending download-instructions about your Ebooks. I am very pleased about the fast response and the smooth operation . . .

—091608, Germany

[Unique World 4 ebooks are] works of art . . . . mouth-watering, knee-buckling epics . . . Amazing!

—092008, Canada

re: Boots & Whips, Volume One
[hundreds of] luscious photos dazzled and engaged me . . . stern mistresses . . . domination and bondage, including the wonderful dominated transvestite vignette, I completely enjoyed every page. The quality of scans, the production and the layout are of the highest caliber.

Bravo, you have outdone yourself again.

—110108, US

The download worked out perfect.
Yes, please put me on your mailing list.
Thanks for the perfect service.

—110808, Germany

If one likes beautiful women with gorgeous shapely legs and the
highest possible heels to walk in, this ebook [#571] is for you.
I loved it. Great work - another classic in your portfolio.

—112908, Canada

It's always a pleasure to find something on your website.
Your work is very important.

—113008, France

"I never thought that I would find these publications ever again." I'm certain that you've heard that a few hundred times . . . . I can't believe how quickly you got everything out to me !

—120908, US

Doing business with you has been a pleasure. Please remember that I have been searching for many of the specific magazines for so long, I had almost given up. You make it so easy and inexpensive. It's so much fun to see them again after decades.

—121308, US

let me say it again: very nice fd ebooks on
you're getting better and better. great work.

—122709, Germany

Just got in and saw and purchased it [Rubber Tyrants, V. 1]. It's magnificent!!

—122908, US

Sometimes it takes quite a while and all of a sudden you stumble onto a great site. Like this one!
I was very pleased to learn that there are digital prints of these rare magazines . . . . the paper ones go for outrageous prices considering the small amount they cost back then.

—123108, UK

Thanks for maintaining your valuable site.

—010609, Thailand

Thanks to you Howard [for] great material, timeless beauty from fantastic artists.

—020509, UK

Your products continue to be superb and your service as great.

—020609, US

Just had chance to view some of the fantastic artwork and bondage stories.
This is truly magnificent material . . . . the artwork, the creativity is way
ahead of its time. Thanks again for preserving these quality publications.

Let's keep this fantastic material in circulation,
through your wonderful service.

Please keep up the good work.

—021109, UK

I am very pleased with the ebook order that I have downloaded.
It was very easy to use.

—021709, UK

Thank you for your note, and for making all of this excellent vintage artwork available. Your website is fantastic, and I'm sure we will be doing more business together. What a great collection.

—031509, US

Just another word - one of thanks. Your prices are very, very reasonable!

—031809, US

Quality of your ebooks is superb !

—031909, US

Let me thank you once again for what you are doing. Seeing these many images brings to mind so many memories. They also help to explain why so many of my little girlfriends would say, "S—, you're a real pervert!" Aren't we all ?

—032209, US

I have just ordered two more products from you, and I can't wait to go through them. This is the second time that I do business with you on this platform. I hope that you can continue to bring to us more of this wonderful material.

—032409, Portugal

Thanks for your time and all your products.

—033109, UK

Thank you very very much for the excellent picture collections and ebooks! W O N D E R F U L !!!!!!
I would love to make one suggestion!
The Boots & Whips Series is absolutely fantastic. Please carry on working on these excellent stuff.

—041709, Germany

Unique World 3 2 is simply intoxicating - BOOT CITY. Inspected both versions and enjoyed both.

—051509, Canada

[Female Mimics Premiere] was outstanding thank you very much great quality! . . . outstanding website, just awesome, love it!

—052109, US

This material takes me back to 1961 when I first saw these books in book shops in San Antonio TX. These items helped me understand who I was/am. Kudos to you for reviving them.

—070409, US

Your efforts to preserve and make these classics available are appreciated. How many would remain hidden or lost to collectors unless you gave them new life?

—071809, US

. . . . let me say how much I enjoy all the e - book titles I've received from you. Titles, I'm sure, that would be pretty difficult to come by otherwise.
Great stuff.

—072509, US

Thanks to you..for your greatest vintage replica on e-books.

—082209, France

Thanks for a great site, Howard. I'm so thankful that these rare
publications are available this way. It really brings back some great
memories from "old times" for me.

—100309, Norway

I purchased an e-book from 30SG yesterday (sunday) and got speed of light shipping!!!

I must admit "Boots and Whips" volume one, (as well as the other issues, as far as I am concerned), sums up precisely what I wanted to re-find in Eros Goldstripe Publications. Since the middle of the 80's, it is hard to find such mags in France, may be easier in the US, but we all know a great many of them were seized in the 70's because of censorship. That is why I (and I think all your customers) do appreciate the tremendous collectible job you achieve, and the important scanning work of course . . .

. . . the books I ordered at 30SG recently are real little gems !! Please keep on doing such a fantastic work!!

—101209, France

It was with surprise I came across your site while searching for something else. Suddenly I was back in the early fifties seeing again those copies of Exotique and others. Thanks to you, and through you, I am reliving those days when I enjoyed reading/seeing the occasional copy. They weren't always available in Canada. We were unable to smuggle them across the border.

How times have changed. Thanks to the World Wide Web, you [and] I can recapture some of the alluring pleasure [we] once had. . . . I am now in my eighties. So it is not all the same.

Thank you again for providing these magazines and photos.

—101309, Canada

Thanks for the ebooks, they are fantastic.

—102809, Spain

I just downloaded the e-book version of Female Mimics #2, 1971. Your fast service is unmatched as is the quality of your e-books. It is indeed a thrill and a pleasure to access the classic female impersonator magazines of the sixties and seventies.
Thank you for providing this wonderful service. I look forward to ordering more issues from you in the near future.

—111509, US

All the downloads worked perfectly. These [ Women in Fights, Volumes 1 - 4 ] are VERY GOOD compilations of items I haven't seen in many years. Thank you for making them available.

—112309, US

Just wanted to say how excellent your digital reproductions are. These are a must have. So far have purchased Boots/Whips - All Vol's - looking forward to Bizarre Life (have found a few my self in the past - love 'em). This site has won me as a fan.

—122709, US

I want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into your web site.

The Gene Bilbrew Mutrix transvestite booklets have always been like magic to me. Stories of panties and nylons, high heels, wigs, makeup, bras and big-titted, dominating women give me so much wonderful pleasure to this day. I have devoured each one I have purchased from you!

And with the whole porn thing gone mad on the internet, these precious delicious sources of pleasure [i.e., Mutrix booklets] have disappeared.

Until I found your site a few months ago. . . . I am loving every minute of it. I am able to take my time shopping on your site, and then savor the excitement of buying and downloading fresh lusty magazines from you. And I can take my time to enjoy them.

I relish every email update revealing something new.

I cannot thank you enough for the pleasure you have provided me.

—021210, UK

The three downloads were received in timely fashion and without any
problems. The quality appears to be quite good!

Thanks again for the good service.

—022110, US

I definitely enjoy it when you bring out things I've never heard of and I like all the retro stuff you do.

—030610, US

Overall, I think your project is immensely worthwhile, and I especially like the scholarly accounts you provide in connection with each book.

—031710, US

As usual, your e-magazine copies are terrific, better than the originals.
Your prompt service continues . . .
I look forward to seeing more issues of the original Female Mimics on your site.

—032810, US

My compliments on a very professional site and excellent service. Your
follow-up emails were timely, courteous and very helpful. Good luck with
the site.

I suspect that after further review of your available content, I will be making additional purchases. I have been trying to find some of these for quite some time, most specifically the one that I purchased. The result was excellent, after years of searching for it, and at a most reasonable cost.

—050410, Canada

I'm so happy . . . Everything worked great! I haven't seen that comic [Lasha} in over 35 years... that final frame is what got me into forced foot kissing. Heaven!

Thank you.

—052010, US

All E-books have come. Everything has functioned perfectly. Thank you.

—072910, Germany

Many thanks for . . . the stories. I loved the booklet 'Trained in Leather'. It was a lovely story . . . It was so easy to print out the stories. I want to get some more booklets.

Once again, I can't thank you enough for the pleasure you have given me.

—073010, UK

Thank you very much for your prompt service & EXCELLENT work.
This file [ Jennifer Jordan - Fetish Doll Deluxe ] in particular
is everything I hoped for & more...

—081710, Thailand

I would just like to comment on how easy and uncomplicated it is to order and download from your site.

—090310, UK

Thanks for doing such a good job with production; I am viewing [Diary of a
French Maid] on an Eizo graphics monitor and the Willie scans look superb.

—091610, Australia

Can I just say how wonderful to find some of the older magazines that I can remember from my younger days, particularly the Eros Goldstripe ones. I did have some, many years ago, but several house moves in between they have all gone.
Long may you continue.

—122910, UK

. . . a source of decent reproductions . . .

—011811, "a big Stanton fan" in the UK

I am very pleased that the e-book process worked well for me.
I will using your site frequently now to recapture some of my favorite photos and art from the past.

—012211, US

Thanks for providing an excellent service for us "out of the ordinary" people.

—012311, Norway

I just saw your advertisement for Prison of Pain on your website. EXCELLENT!
You are an entrepreneur of the 21st century. You are providing quality material in electronic form at very democratic prices!

Thank you.

—013011, Belgium

I downloaded the Fantastique item quite easily, as it turned out.

Since you invite comments, here are some of mine. The Fantastique photo album series came out in 1959. I bought all I could lay my hands on at the time, because I was utterly taken with the look, especially the ultra-high heels.

I've heard that this too is Burtman's baby, though I'm not entirely sure. It certainly has his touch. . . . Anyway, I can tell you that such stupendous heels have to be - what else? - especially made, and that they cost quite a lot.

Some years back I was involved with a woman who, to some extent, catered to my fetish interests, and I bought her a pair of 12-inch heels with thick platforms. This cost me nearly $700 - back in '92! Well, of course Burtman was not the only man around with "spare change," but he clearly had a vision, so I'd put some money on Fantastique's being his creation.

In any case, how many people do you know who have the balls to live life on their own terms? Even now his work moves me. It's not just "good for its time," so to say. It's better than ANYTHING I've seen since! Most of the stuff I've seen on the web leaves me cold - little girls playing dress-up! I've always had a special attraction for dressed-to-kill older women, so you'll understand how hung up I was (and am) on Tana. . . .

When I was a young man, circa 1960-65, the girls I dated took their sartorial cues from more mature females; now, alas, it's the other way around!
—050911, US

The link [to Women in Fights, Vol 5] downloaded perfectly. Thanx for the quick response!! I'm glad I found your site. "Cheryl Tackles Cheerleader" is my favorite Stanton story, but I lost my original copy a long time ago. Great to see it again! It would make a great story for someone to remake using POSER and color graphics - but make the fight last longer with more pics. For now, will definitely check out more of the current content.

Thanx so much for the quick turn-around.
—051311, US

Thanks for the swift delivery of the items I ordered recently.

The two Stocking Parades reacquainted me with the glamour of attractive ladies displaying their stocking-clad legs in tasteful poses. Vol 1 No 4 featured Toni Troy who set my pulse racing a few decades ago - and, I have to admit, elicits a response from me even now!

I noticed in Vol 1 No 5 the name of Pamela Rogers, who I remembered from the past - nice long legs and wonderful thighs. All the models are terrific. Lovely ladies, legs, stockings and suspenders - an unbeatable combination!

Fighting women have always interested me and I enjoyed the various scenarios depicted in Women in Fights, Vols 1 and 5. I remember seeing in the sixties Backyard Brag (vol 1) and Dept. Store Brawl (vol 5). Plenty of terrific punches thrown in both. I'm still making my way through both volumes, savouring each fight, and will order the other vols (2, 3 & 4) in due course.

—060611, UK

Thanks for the quick service. The downloads went quite smoothly, and the images in the ebooks look very nice. . . .

I already have the Bizarre Comix versions several of the items in my order, but wanted to get the two Jay stories. I'm not sure if it will be of interest to your other customers, but "Fashions" was the sequel to "Boots and Bondage" and features the same characters.

—062611, US

A great site ! The download is excellent !
—071411, UK

Keep up the great work. I'm always referring people to your site. It's important.
—101011, US

I really appreciate your attention to details and especially appreciate your
work with Bizarre Books from Eros Goldstripe.
—110911, US

. . . you have been very kind to continue adding more of the Eros Goldstripe Bizarre Books over this past year. I consistently enjoy your closeups,
emphasizing [Bill] Ward's carnal vision.
Keep up the good work, as always!
—120211, US

I opened the link I purchased from you, and the images of Anita [Ventura] are exquisite!
—011712, US

Thanks for preserving these great works.
—011912, UK

I downloaded all of the files and the quality is very good to excellent on my Apple Ipad.
—012312, US

I must say I think what you are doing is truly inspired and a most
beneficial resource to many many people, please keep up the good work,
which I suspect you rather enjoy.
—012512, UK

Thanks for offering Book 2 of Bound in Leather.
I've got the print version in Bizarre Comix Vol 7,
but it's nice to have it in ebook form as well.
It's also great.

Thank you guys so much for having these magazines.
I've been looking for them for quite some time.
I am a collector of vintage shemale magazines
featuring Asian she-males.

I would appreciate any that you come across and
am specifically interested in anything which features
Pasha (who is in the current purchase),
and Nikko (a.k.a. Naughty Nikko and Jodie Nikko).
Thank you again :-)

—042614, US

Download worked perfectly - thank you. And fast as well.
I had been looking for these type of magazines for ages -
thank you for making them available.

—041714, US

Thanks for the quick handling of my order.
I'm very pleased with its contents and
with the quality of the scans. . . .

Great to see these classic pages, which
I owned in my youth, but lost later in life.

—041514, Sweden

At, I ordered 3 items and got 3 e-mails in quick succession, each with a link. Hah! There were 4 files... there were 2 versions of Mistress Quarterly 1-1, an OPT version and a DR version.

I have not viewed each one completely from end-to-end but both view very nicely for me (on an I-Mac with 21" screen). The DR version is larger in physical size on the screen.
Also the 2 other files came across and are very nice to view.

I was afraid the files were massive and might take an extended period to download. This has troubled me before at another site, but at that time I was in a poor response environment.... This was not a concern this time as I got all the files in short order. The largest one took 15 seconds or so to move....

I guess we linked up at just the right time of day/week because from "Submit Order" to download of the last file was maybe just short of half an hour. I appreciate the fast service.

—040414, US

I changed browsers to Safari and everything [on my MAC] worked fine as specified. All the downloads proceeded without any problem.

Your goods exceeded my expectations!

—031314, US

A great site ! The download is excellent !

—071411, UK