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The Sumatra PDF reader is available
at many download sites.

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The Economist magazine organized a debate that
considers the question: Can porn be good for us?

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Andrew Offutt was a prolific writer who wrote under many pseudonyms.

He wrote the text for many Eric Stanton booklets, including
Stantoons and Blunder Broad, as John Cleve and Throne.

The podcast, linked below, provides an interview with his son,
who has written a memoir (My Father, The Pornographer) about his father.

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note of appreciation:

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Fetish Nostalgia videos on youtube -

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You can use IRFANVIEW to
extract image files from pdf pages.

Download Irfanview and all Plug-Ins here:

The creator of Irfanview gives everyone a free copy.

IRFANVIEW is also a

quick image viewer,
pdf viewer,
simple image editor,
batch processor.

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a good online dictionary:

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international currency converter:

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In 1985, Minister for the Arts in Western Australia found that certain magazines were INDECENT, and needed to be restricted in accordance with the Indecent Publications and Articles Act 1902-1983.

To find lists of prohibited magazines

click the link
click the red Acrobat icon above Gg020.pdf
press CTRL + F [=find in document]
type indecent
press ENTER twice$file/gg020.pdf