#400408 - Female Mimics 8 Ricky Renee Coccinelle

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Female Mimics, No. 8
Health Knowledge, Inc.
New York, New York

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In Female Mimics, we meet men who entertain professionally, singing, dancing and telling jokes on the stages of cabarets. The eighth issue of this classic magazine focuses on successful performers from several countries. Every pictorial includes at least one picture of the model as a male and many show the application of make-up. Two 1960s newspaper ads promote venues.

Photographs of Ricky Renee in an assortment of moods and costumes illuminate the cover, centerfold and first 20 pages of the magazine. A versatile entertainer, Ricky enjoyed success throughout Europe.

On stage photographs of Pudgy Roberts show him engaged in a striptease routine that became part of a burlesque show. A skillful professional, Pudgy went on to edit Female Impersonators magazine and write The Female Impersonator's Handbook.

El Cotorrito (Little Parrot) Club describes itself as “A gay place for gay people.” Their Pan-American Revue features exotic costumes, singers and strippers.

Across the Atlantic, El Carroussel features some the biggest names in the business. Capucine, Olivette, Bambi, and Dolly are pictured.

Women who perform and have fun as men populate the Elle et Lui (She and Him) Club in Paris. Many tuxedos.

Collecting multiple pictures of famous entertainers, the last pictorial asks “Who Has It?” The piece compares American vs. European glamor, showing Hans Crystal, Holli White, Bambi, Coccinelle, and Kim August.

The eighth issue has content superior to production. Many photographs are pale or have rough textures or soft edges. While image editing brightens pictures, some miss high quality standards.

All new scans.

The digital replica contains all content in the original 72-page magazine, including letters from readers (with snapshots) and advertising. Some page layouts were changed. The original page sequence is retained.

Looking at photos of these lovely fellas en femme disorients. While we know these are men in drag, they present persuasive feminine illusions. The digital replica provides the best mechanism for enjoying this volume of frilly 20th century impersonator nostalgia, featuring faces and figures of comely misters.

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