new customers, old customers / log-in

If you were a customer before December 1, 2014,
your account record, user ID and log-in
information are now unavailable. You cannot
log in on the new site with your old user ID.

If you've checked out at the old site many times
if today is your first purchase -

you don't need to create an account to make a purchase.

You don't need to register to view pages on the site
or make a purchase.

If you're a longtime customer or a first time customer . . .

1. add items to your shopping cart

2. check out.

The shopping cart enables you to
create an account for yourself during
the checkout process.

If you were a customer before December 1,
want to know if you purchased a product,
write to us using the CONTACT page.


Currently, the site is configured to prevent
the creation of accounts without a purchase.

Everyone with an account and anonymous users
have identical access to all public website pages.